Coffee International will advise and provide your company with the best coffee equipment needed to meet your needs – from traditional automatic brewers, single K-Cups, Large Industrial Equipment, or Full service Cappucino/Espresso automatic brewers we have the solution that will meet your needs.  

Selecting an office coffee maker is an important element of your office coffee service. We will install, and provide complete maintenance of the equipment for the duration of your service agreement. There is No charge for Equipment as long as you are purchasing Coffee, Tea & Condiments with us!



3pots Traditional Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafes for those companies that prefer the traditional brew method, we have the perfect solution!
3pots Low-Profile Thermal Brewer with Thermal Airpot or thermal carafes. 



1cupb KEURIG 150P Keurig® Commercial Brewing Systems are built to keep your business going all day with gourmet, single cup coffee, tea, cocoa, and more. Whatever the size of your business or food service location, we’ll help you choose just the right brewer.  


Industrial Equipment

Dual Brewers Commercial Brewing Systems are built to keep your business going all day with gourmet Coffee and Tea. These machines are designed to brew continuously allowing you to serve hundreds of customers all day long.
These type of machines are used in a high volume locations.



KREA  This super automatic Espresso/Cappuccino unit brews some of the most popular gourmet beverages in just seconds.  Espresso,  Cappuccino, Café Americano, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Coffee with 100% Milk(or non-dairy milk), Chai Latte, French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate with 100% Milk(or non-dairy milk).  


Iced Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee or Iced Tea

Iced Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee or Iced Tea These systems are designed to keep your coffee or Tea cold all day long without having to water them down with Ice. This machine will keep your beverages cold while stirring them with built in fans that keep the fluid circulating. You can even use this machine to keep your Vanilla or Double Mocha Iced Coffee ready to go and time your customer wants a cold one!   


Cappuccino Machines

Cappuccino Machines are designed for one, two, or three flavors some of these machines will even go up to six flavors. The two most common flavors are Chocolate and Vanilla! These will dispense very hot Cappuccino’s in any flavor you choose.