Water & Ice Machines

waterfilterLow Cost

Bottleless water coolers are less expensive than bottled water coolers. Stop paying for delivery trucks to haul your water jugs around.


Better Water Quality and Taste

We will provide Activated Carbon Water Filtration with your Coffee International bottleless water coolers. These cutting-edge technologies prevent bacteria growth, which are rampant in bottled water coolers, and remove dissolved solids. Our advanced water filtration  gives you the cleanest, safest and best-tasting water available.



Our bottleless water coolers mean no lifting, no storing, no reordering and no running out of water.


Better for the Environment

Bottleless water coolers are the ‘green’, sustainable office water solution. They eliminate the 5-gallon plastic jugs, which end up in landfills, and the fossil fuel-burning delivery trucks that pollute the environment. This means your business yields a smaller overall carbon footprint!







Solution: Low Cost Counter Ice Machines

How to meet employees means by adding a simple solution to bringing Ice into the workplace without having to spend money on large Ice machines. Counter top models provide enough Ice to serve your location. With monthly maintenance and filtration you know you will always get clean Ice. 





Water Cooler &/OR Ice Machine Lease Proposal

Coffee International will install and maintain each and every Water Cooler and/or Ice Machine, Our lease program includes the installation of a special in-line carbon block water filter that removes harmful contaminants and off taste, thus providing you with bottled quality water 24/7 with no more bottles to worry about. The filter is replaced every six months.